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Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance

Did You Know? The number one cause of heating and air conditioning system failure is lack of maintenance.


Your heating and cooling system consumes more energy than necessary every month when not  properly maintained.

HVAC system maintenance is much like performing oil changes and tune-ups on automobiles. 

It will increase the lifespan of your Air Conditioning/ Heating equipment and lower operating costs.

We are honest, reliable and guarantee professional service. When our factory trained/certified    technician arrives to perform Air conditioning or heating system maintenance he will treat your home and your belongings with care. After we complete your A/C and/or heating maintenance, we will leave your home just as we found it.

   "Keep manufacturers warranty valid and extend the life of your HVAC system"

The Benefits of Planned Service

The number

10% discount on any future repair/ service

Front of the line priority service

Service/diagnostic fees waived

No overtime fees

Extended equipment life

Lower monthly utility bills

Improved efficiency on equipment

Reduce the risk of costly breakdown

Recommended/ required by most manufactures for warranty claims

Peace of mind

Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance Plans

Clean & adjust burners

Clean flame sensor

Test fan/limit control

Check & adjust thermocouple

Measure amperage draw

Tighten control wire terminals

Oil blower motor

Check run capacitor (Mfd) output

Inspect flue pipe on furnace

Check & calibrate thermostat

Check & clear pressure switch tubing

Check Inducer fan motor

Replace standard 1" filter

Test igniter to predict useable life

Plan (A) Gas Furnace

Plan (B) Air Conditioner

Clean Condenser coils

Lubricate contactor/relay

Check run capacitor Mfd output

Check Freon charge (Freon extra)

Replace standard 1" filter

Check voltage & Amperage

Check & tighten wiring connections

Oil Condenser fan motor

Clean & flush condensate drain line

Check Superheat & Subcooling

Check & calibrate thermostat

Check belts & pulleys

Check contactor for pits & burns

Test schrader valves for leaks

Plan (A) & (B) combined,our most popular plan (Includes two scheduled visits per year)



Air Conditioning maintenance




Start  Saving $ today!

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