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Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance

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-  The number one cause of Heating and Air Conditioning System failure is                       lack of maintenance.                                                                                                               -  Your Heating and Cooling System consumes more energy than necessary                     every month when not properly maintained.

The Benefits of Planned Service

The number

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Clean & adjust burners

Clean flame sensor

Test fan/limit control

Check & adjust thermocouple

Measure amperage draw

Tighten control wire terminals

Oil blower motor

Check run capacitor (Mfd) output

Inspect flue pipe on furnace

Check & calibrate thermostat

Check & clear pressure switch tubing

Check Inducer fan motor

Replace standard 1" filter

Test igniter to predict useable life

10% discount on any future repair/ service

Front of the line priority service

Service/diagnostic fees waived

No overtime fees

Extended equipment life

Lower monthly utility bills

Improved efficiency on equipment

Reduce the risk of costly breakdown

Recommended/ required by most manufactures for warranty claims

Peace of mind

Plan (A) Gas Furnace

Plan (B) Air Conditioner

Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance Plans

Clean Condenser coils

Lubricate contactor/relay

Check run capacitor Mfd output

Check Freon charge (Freon extra)

Replace standard 1" filter

Check voltage & Amperage

Check & tighten wiring connections

Oil Condenser fan motor

Clean & flush condensate drain line

Check Superheat & Subcooling

Check & calibrate thermostat

Check belts & pulleys

Check contactor for pits & burns

Test schrader valves for leaks

Plan (A) & (B) combined,our most popular plan (Includes two scheduled visits per year)




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